The Importance of Planning

I started this year with a quote from Lao Tzu. Last week, I then blogged about how I had been planning for this year, so I was ready for the days, weeks, and months ahead. It didn’t take long for life to find some holes in my plans. Hence yesterday’s non-blog, and today’s decision to create a few more contingency plans.

I don’t know about you, but for me when life gets busier than expected, less ‘urgent’ tasks fall by the wayside. Even if they’re important. One remedy for this is effective planning, the lack of which became obvious when yesterday was one such day, and although I had *planned* to blog, I ended up so exhausted, my eyes closed on me before I could type coherently. Not good. So I thought I might share with you my plans for blogging more successfully. Rather than just making the decision, “I’m going to write a blog post each day”, I’m looking deeper into WHAT it is I actually do. And I’ve realized that there are two steps, of equal importance. These are:

  1. Schedule, using the right tools for you; and
  2. The writing process.

I will be explain each more fully in subsequent posts.


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