6 lessons The Big Bang Theory can teach us about blogging



I love this show. Not only for its humour, or the fact it seems to be the Friends for the 2010’s, but for the lessons it can teach – even about the seemly unrelated topic of ‘blogging’. “Really?” I hear you ask. Well, read on…

1. Geniuses walk among us.

This is a fact. Regarding our blogs therefore, we should ensure that our posts have high quality content.  That being said however, a genius may never read your blog. Therefore, it is not absolutely imperative that every sentence contain words of more than four syllables.
2. Have a love interest.

There’s Leonard and Penny. Sheldon and Amy. Howard and Bernadette. Even Raj and, um… Siri? The developments in these relationships make us want to watch the show over and over and over again. So, what’s the love interest in your blog? What are the topics or themes that you write about so well, that people keep wanting to return to your blog to read them? Write about your passions, and keep on doing it.

3.  Soften your criticism.

“Penny (arriving): Hi, guys. Hi, honey.

Leonard: Hey.

Howard: Ooh, we’re honey now, are we?

Sheldon: Yes. Since their relationship became carnal, Penny has upgraded his designated term of endearment, thus distinguishing him from those she calls sweetie, usually in an attempt to soften a thinly-veiled insult.

Penny: You’re boring people sweetie.

Sheldon: Although, sometimes, she omits the veil entirely.”

(Series 3, Episode 4 – The Pirate Solution)

Blog nicely. Blog politely. But if you must write critically, soften your message with some meaningless nothings.

4. Don’t be afraid to dream.

Sheldon wants his Nobel prize. Leonard, Howard, and Raj want successful relationships with women. Penny is an aspiring actress. Each main character has a dream that keeps them motivated. What is your dream for your blog? How many readers do you want? What type? Are you writing for yourself? To influence others? To successfully monetize?

5. Don’t worry too much about that ‘check engine’ light.  

Sometimes, warnings and advice don’t apply to us as much as others think that they should. When you blog, you will discover countless pieces of advice about how, why and even when, you should blog. Take this advice with a grain of salt. Yes, even the advice you’re reading right now! Sometimes, these things just don’t really apply to you. Make up your own mind, and stick to it.
6. Comic books and Star Trek can teach us lots of things.

Well, this one is pretty self evident, wouldn’t you say?

So – 6 lessons on blogging, as taught by The Big Bang Theory. Did I miss any?


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