Pinterest? Loved it. Past tense intended.

I’ve been a Pinterest user for well over a month now. It took maybe half-an-hour to get the hang of it, originally; and I remember tweeting “I had thought #Pinterest would have been more intuitive”. But after than first half-hour, I became an avid fan. The thought of pinning images I liked, or that inspired me, onto boards that I could categorise according my my own needs – and being able to use this as a way of collating all the images I needed from everywhere over the web – was pretty cool. The way I could then embed these images anywhere I wanted, as not only did Pinterest give me the embedding code but also accredit the original pinner, was also a huge time-saver from the drawn out accrediting process I had used previously, was the clincher. Plus, there were one pretty great images on there!

But no longer. The growing number of of articles on the copyright laws being completely flouted by Pinterest is just too concerning.

And today I read this one.

Pinterest user? Got a few minutes? It’s definitely worth a read.

And now I’m off to delete my account…


Just one last ‘pin’… and I’m going to try to justify it to myself by thinking that it’s okay because it’s accredited on the image itself…)


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