Avoiding the annual “Yearbook headache”

Does your business produce a Yearbook each year? Ever have problems with creating it? If you answered ‘Yes’ to these two questions, then you’re not alone. Creating a Yearbook can be a huge hassle, and when not supported by your staff, it can also be a huge sap to everybody’s morale. So – how can you avoid that this year?

Below is a six step plan I follow; experience has taught me to stick with it if I want a headache-free Yearbook. And as each step is far too large to explain in this one post, this marks the beginning of a series on ‘The Headache-free Yearbook”. My six steps are:

  1. Plan. A lot. And communicate this effectively.
  2. Start writing, Day 1 of Week 1.
  3. Get those photos happening!
  4. Check, modify and recheck as you go.
  5. Remember, the buck stops with you.
  6. Don’t rely on the tools!

A quality Yearbook takes time to create. Teamwork helps. So does helpful advice, and a plan to follow. I love producing quality work, and I also enjoy challenging myself to improve each and every time. Each post in this series details my ‘Yearbook process’, but I’d love to also hear your thoughts, comments, and suggestions on how I can do this better!

CC Image courtesy jugbo at http://www.flickr.com/photos/jugbo/416097099/


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